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We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to trade or invest using autotrading way to provide other source of income while letting the robot and your money works for you. 

What is the significance of

JBSar EA Robot?


  • Optimized Pairs in EURUSD and USDJPY (check verified results can be found in MyFxBook – check for yourself if you can trust any EA provider) with lot size settings based on Capital Range.
  • Methodology – Trading entails technical analysis with mathematical equation strategy setup, and efficiently investing through averaging with money management and specializing in hedging.
  • Profitable in all market directions, such as uptrend, downtrends, and, topmost notably, sideways.
  • A monthly profit of 6-18% is anticipated.
  • Monitors the market 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Hands-free trading (Auto BUY and SELL)
  • Simple to use: Install and trade in a matter of minutes. (Below is a video that shows how to install JBSar.)
  • Make a quick profit and increase your funds.
  • It applies to any account type: Standard and Cent Accounts.

Is Forex investing SAFE? How does it work?

Your capital / investment will be deposited with a legitimate forex broker, NOT with JBSar EA. (In this * FBS Broker, our entire system strategy is being tested and proven to be effective.) You are the only one who has access to and control over your account, specifically for withdrawals. Please keep in mind that the card you used to deposit your money is the only one that will be able to receive your withdrawal. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Policy, a deposit equivalent must be withdrawn using the original deposit method. After that, profit can be withdrawn to any other payment system except credit/debit cards. JBsar EA is an automated trading tool that will do everything it can to safely grow your account/money in accordance with our advocacy of “Enjoy Life… Do Nothing.” Spend more time with your family. *FBS is a legitimate Forex broker that is regulated and licensed by CYSEC, ensuring regular reporting, transparency, and fairness for both EU and non-EU clients. It is also regulated by the International Financial Services Commission, license IFSC/000102/198, making it trustworthy and reliable.

Three steps to obtaining “Do Nothing Business of Your Own...” (Investor/Trader)

  1. Create an account at https://bit.ly/3Do19IF and, once approved and verified through the IB partner connection, receive a 10% discount coupon for JBSar EA subscription plans. (This includes the availability of FBS Free VPS limited promotions as well as the activation/enablement of SWAP Free.)
  2. Select one of the JBSar EA subscription plans with a discount coupon (if applicable) by clicking here, and we will walk you through the setup process.
  3. Once the initial setup is complete. “Enjoy Life... Do Nothing.” Spend more time with your family.


  • What exactly is a Forex EA Robot or Algorithm Trading? An automated system that executes Forex Buy or Sells trades without the need for human intervention.
  • How to set up JBSar EA Robot? Click on this link. Alternatively, Please contact us for assistance.
  • How to Open an FBS Account? Click Here! to learn how to open an FBS account. Before subscribing, JBSar EA will assist you in determining your suitability for classification.
  • Is there a minimum amount needed to get started?  Initial recommendations: optimized/backtested on these designed for a single EURUSD pair:

Investor – US$ 3000 or more for Fixed initial Lot size – 0.03

Trader – US$1800 or more. It will make the necessary lot size adjustments until it reaches the maximum setting of 0.05

  • Do you have any proof of your robot performance results? Seeing the verified results for yourself allows you to trust even other EA providers. Myfxbook
  • Is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) required for JBSar EA Robot? For stable live trading (primarily to avoid power outages and connection failures), the VPS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a genuine recommendation for a must-have in the world of fully automated Trading EA’s Robot. You can look up the best VPS options on the internet. FBS Broker is running an ongoing promotion in which you can get a free VPS with a deposit $450+ and trade 3 lots within the first month of use, while supplies last.
  • For whom is this EA Robot intended? People from all walks of life, including those with no prior trading experience, are welcome. (With all of our technical assistance/instructions for installation) All you have to do is purchase this robot (download the files and extract). Metatrader 4 configuration and copy the downloaded folder and use the lot size settings based on Capital Range. Please visit your Subscriber Area for further details.
  • Does this Robot have a license key? YES, you will receive the activated Robot Files immediately after payment for a single account key. 
  • How long does FBS withdrawal take? Bank wire: 7-10 business days. Credit or Debit cards: 3-4 business days. 

If you have concerns or questions, please email to supports@jbsarea.com

This video shows that In just 5 months, an initial capital of US$ 500 has turned into US$ 1,267.08 “doing nothing” in the world of Forex trading. JBSar EA is an automated trading tool that will do everything it can to safely grow your account/money while you are doing your job / passion in life, and or allowing you to spend more time with your family.

As the saying goes, “Let your money work for you, even when you are sleeping”. This autotrading strategy stands by this by delivering excellent results.


Is the first legit social community for forex traders to connect with there Forex Trading Account where actual /live Performance is Transparent and Audited.

How high can the profit on our ongoing Facebook US$1.5k challenge go?

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